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Melt Interactive | Celebrity Cruise Jewelry Box Show

Celebrity Cruise Jewelry Box Show

For this next level design, our production partner Electronic Visual Revolution (EVR) invited Melt Creative to create elaborate projection mapped visual art, program and pixel map an LED cube, as well as create unique storytelling characters for a show aptly named “The Jewelry Box”.

In a miraculous time span of less than four months our team of artists helped concept, design, animate and create a spectacle the scale of which had never been seen before on the new Celebrity Cruise Line’s ship “The Edge”
The show was a 45-minute immersive entertainment experience featuring 3D projection mapping, complete sound design, live dance and acrobatic troupes, international casting, elaborate choreography all wearing custom numbers and wardrobe, finishing with an interactive dance performance with the cube.

We are extremely honored to have been a part of this, and other productions; on this new ship by Celebrity Cruise Lines.


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