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Melt Interactive | Maddy O’neal – Live Show Visuals

Maddy O’neal – Live Show Visuals

Maddy O’Neal has been catching the eyes and ears of music fans around the world with her tasteful versatility and mixing style. Hailing from Denver, CO Maddy O’Neal has carved out her niche in the always changing and very diverse electronic genre. Maddy’s rock n’ roll family roots and growing appetite for old-school hip-hop, give her a sound that sets her apart from other artists in the scene.

Over the summer of 2019 our team worked closely with Maddy O’neal and her team at 11E1even Management group to ensure all of her festival appearances had a dynmaic offering of visuals. We devised a system of layered visual content that was customizable for every stage design.


Artist Visuals

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