OMF Festival

For their 2018 festival weekend in the SF Bay Area, OMF Festival and 3LAU approached Melt Creative to create a series of branded animated content as well as run the visuals for the entire weekend on their main stage. The weekend featured a wide array of talent from ZEDD, Big Sean, to Charlotte and Kim

O​ur M​usic F​estival (OMF) is the first decentralized music festival network powered by a cryptocurrency (OMF Token) that is redeemable for products, services, and experiences (physical, digital & virtual) within the network. The network is comprised of OMF branded events and partnered festival events. OMF established the gateway for all transactions between consumers, artists and event organizers that participate in festival ecosystems: merchandising, production, hospitality, food and beverage service, brand sponsors, transportation – the possibilities are endless.


Artist Visuals, Festival Visuals, VJ & Show Operation