Skoll World Forum 2017

For this year’s Skoll World Forum, the Melt Creative team was contracted to create and operate a series of 4K animated content to drive the visual portion of the event’s opening, award, and closing ceremonies. Working closely with with the Skoll team, groundbreaking social entrepreneurs from around the world, and world renowned photographers, we built out a series of speaker/award intros, stunning 4K backdrops/slideshows, and additional dynamic content to be fused with live video feeds and evolving segments of the show.

The event took place from April 4-7 in Oxford, United Kingdom, and our team was onsite with our servers for a week working closely with the Skoll Foundation and Partytecture production team to fine tune everything, create a show that was seamless/immersive, and further the Skoll brand and cause.


Client: Skoll Foundation
Custom Show Content: Melt Creative
Video Operation: Melt Creative
Production: Partytecture
Photos: Skoll Foundation

Special Thanks to Phil Collis and Gabriel Diamond


Event Design, VJ & Show Operation

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